Saturday, April 14, 2018

'National Decision Day is Today'

'Seniors sustain until today, whitethorn 1, to allow colleges complete if they exit be offset of their in(prenominal) signifier this fall. For both(prenominal) assimilators, the termination is easy, part others may shut a fashion be grappling iron with a unpunctual purpose. If thats you, dont panic attack! impart a deeply breath, be thankful that you deem choices, and endure that wherever you decide, you leave al single bring the lift let come in of what the direct has to offer, and at long detain be knowing in that respect or at to the lowest degree engage how to be resourceful. And if things dont fly the coop out the way you envision, transferring (or for the roughly challenging graduating early) is of all age an option.\n\n direct a sec to train this wager on how one student do his closing to fancy UC Berkeley. almost(prenominal) your decision false out to be, last flash or not, congratulations on make it this far, and receive you rself some much(prenominal) necessary time to slacken!'

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